FAQ on EPC's

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How will i receive Energy Performance Certificate ?                                    
      Your completed Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be emailed to you usually within 24 hours of the appointment taking place. Please check your spam folder in the event it hasn't been received by then.


    1. It's been 24 hours since the appointment and i still haven't received the EPC what should i do ?                                    
      In the first instance we would ask you to check your spam folder. If it isn't there, please send us an email using epcnorthwest@yahoo.co.uk and we'll liaise with the assessor on your behalf. The reason for the delay could be as simple as us having the wrong email address for you.


    1. Can you forward a copy of the EPC to my estate agent ?                                    
      We'd be more than happy to do that for you. If you didn't provide us with your estate agents details (email address) when you ordered with us then you can add them through your customer control panel. Once you have added the details, we'll automatically send them a copy of the EPC. In the event you have more than one estate agent working for you, you can add upto 3 sets of details.


    1. When can i market my property ?                                    
      Current legislation states that you need to have commissioned / ordered an EPC in order to commence marketing. As soon as yo have received an an confirmation email from us you can start marketing your property. Your estate will need proof for their file in which case you can forward them a copy of your order confirmation email or alternatively, if you provided their email address when placing the order we will send them a marketing certificate.


    1. What payment options exist for customers ?                                    
      We operate 2 different business models according to the requirements of the business. These are listed as follows: 1. 100% no upfront payment and then the assessor collects payment. 2. Customer pays a by bac,s on line.


    1. Are your assessors fully qualified ?                                    
      Yes. All of our assessors are fully accredited with their respective accreditation bodies. Furthermore, each of our assessors are also CRB checked.